The Trade Resort is an exclusive place in Pokémon Brick Bronze where players can trade with each other. It can be accessed through the Recreational Teleportation Device which is given by Rival Jake once the player acquires Arc Badge from the Silvent Gym.


How To Trade

The Trade Resort is the only place where players in Pokémon Brick Bronze can trade with other players. Requests can be sent by any person to any other person by clicking on their name or by clicking on their avatar. Additionally, the player can send as many requests as they would wish to anyone in order to start a trade, although this does not guarantee a trade.

Once a trade begins, both players can trade to a max of 4 Pokémon or Eggs in a single trade. Once both players have clicked the "Ready" button, the "Trade" button will appear above. When that button is clicked as well by both players, the trade will happen and both players will get their new Pokémon or Eggs if any.

Note: The Starter Pokémon chosen before the player starts his or her journey cannot be traded. If players wish to trade away Starter Pokémon, they must be either bred or purchased from the Pokémon Lab in Mitis Town for 25 Robux.

Rules of Trading

Trading Rules

The board of trading rules set up at Trade Resort.

While trading can be useful for acquiring new Pokémon for filling up the Pokédex or for constructing players' team, it can also be incredibly risky as well. In order to keep safe from potential scammers or greedy players who wish to rob Pokémon, it is important to follow these rules:

  1. DO NOT sell Pokémon For Robux.
  2. DO NOT trade Pokémon with anyone, expecting to get the traded Pokémon back.
  3. DO NOT allow another person to "middle man".

If a player is scammed due to a violation of the aforementioned rules, Admins will not help the scammed player to get his or her Pokémon back.

Trade Evolutions

Some Pokémon may only evolve after being traded so going to the Trade Resort is necessary to evolve those Pokémon. Some Pokémon may have to hold an item in order to evolve after being traded.

Note: It is not recommended to trade with random strangers. Always trade with a trustworthy person. It is HIGHLY recommended to take screenshots and send them to Game Director Lando64000 in case of being scammed.

PokémonTypeImageHeld ItemEvolved FormTypeImage
Boldore Rock
Boldore XY
None Gigalith Rock
Gigalith XY
Feebas Water
Feebas XY
Prism Scale
Prism Scale DW
Milotic Water
Milotic-M XY
Graveler Rock
Graveler-Kanto XY
None Golem Rock
Golem-Kanto XY
Haunter Ghost
Haunter XY
None Gengar Ghost
Gengar XY
Kadabra Psychic
Kadabra-M XY
None Alakazam Psychic
Alakazam-M XY
Onix Rock
Onix XY
Metal Coat
Metal Coat DW
Steelix Steel
Steelix-M XY
Scyther Bug
Scyther-M XY
Scizor Bug
Scizor-M XY
Poliwhirl Water
Poliwhirl XY
King's Rock
King's Rock DW
Politoed Water
Politoed-M XY
Slowpoke Water
Slowpoke XY
Slowking Water
Slowking XY
Porygon Normal
Porygon XY
Up-Grade DW
Porygon2 Normal
Porygon2 XY
Porygon2 Normal
Porygon2 XY
Dubious Disc
Dubious Disc DW
Porygon-Z Normal
Porygon-Z XY
Phantump Ghost
Phantump XY
None Trevenant Ghost
Trevenant XY
Pumpkaboo Ghost
Pumpkaboo-Average XY
None Gourgeist Ghost
Gourgeist-Average XY
Rhydon Ground
Rhydon-M XY
Protector DW
Rhyperior Ground
Rhyperior-M XY
Dusclops Ghost
Dusclops XY
Reaper Cloth
Reaper Cloth DW
Dusknoir Ghost
Dusknoir XY
Electabuzz Electric
Electabuzz XY
Electirizer DW
Electivire Electric
Electivire XY
Magmar Fire
Magmar XY
Magmarizer DW
Magmortar Fire
Magmortar XY


  • Trade Resort received a redesign from 2016 Christmas Event onward. For the duration of that event, the beach piled up with snow, while the ocean and Wailord were frozen.
  • The Trade Resort is vital for winning higher levels of rewards in Hobo's Lucky Lotto, as players need to trade in plenty of Outsider Pokémon from many different trainers, in order to get a better chance to score for more digits from the Lotto tickets.

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