Silver Cove is a cave that can be accessed by using HM3 Surf on Rosecove Beach. There are no Wild Pokémon to encounter here. Glowing blue and silver crystals are scattered on the rocky cave walls.

Notable Places

Great Waterfall

In the furthest part of Silver Cove, a huge waterfall arc can be seen with a pedestal above a staircase. The pedestal has a blue and white star on it. There is currently nothing for players to do here, but it is rumoured that after acquiring a couple of key items later on, a certain Legendary Pokémon will reveal itself from the great waterfall.


  • The big waterfall closely resembles the one in the deepest cave of Whirl Islands, Johto. The Key Items Silver Wing and Tidal Bell were required to access that section and trigger a Legendary Pokémon encounter in Pokémon Soul Silver.
  • The backround music is similar to a flute played to revive that certain Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One.

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