Mt. Cragonos, also known as the Cragonos Mountains, is a huge mountain range that stretches across northern Roria. It is divided into western and eastern sections such that both sections do not directly connect.

Western Section

Western Cragonos Mountains, consisting of the following 4 parts, separate Routes 10 and 11. A Sky Train is built to bypass this section in order to reach Anthian City much more conveniently.

Cragonos Mines

Cragonos Mines
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The interior of western Mt. Cragonos is a large mine that doubles as a training ground. Many Rock-type Pokémon live here as well. There are also a lot of dead end pathways, and with the mine no longer operational, the rail tracks near those dead ends are mostly broken. The deepest part is filled with water and is currently inaccessible for now.

Cragonos Cliffs

Cragonos Cliffs
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This is the western mountainside of Mt. Cragonos, separating Cragonos Mines into upper and lower sections. Although it is very steep and narrow, it is still barely wide enough for a Pokémon Centre to be constructed there, thus turning this area into a checkpoint for players to heal their Pokémon and restock on healing items.

Cragonos Peak

Cragonos Peak
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This section of the mountain is the summit of Mt. Cragonos. It is located so high such that it is above the clouds. The airship towards Anthian City docks here and the Sky Train has a station here for changing to the airship. An Entei statue can be found here.

Cragonos Sanctuary

Cragonos Sanctuary
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Only accessible after acquiring HM8 Rock Climb, it is a sanctuary where the Legendary Beasts reside. When the player visits this place, the 3 Beasts suddenly roar and rush down the mountains, indicating that something disastrous may happen to Roria shortly......

Eastern Section

Eastern Cragonos Mountains are caverns with many routes and 2 major cities built either inside, or on top of the mountain range. This section is much larger on the map, and also higher on altitude between Routes 15 and 16, with Frostveil City being the highest point of the whole region.

Route 13

Route 13
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This cavern route is the northern end of Mt. Cragonos. Even though the sunlight never reaches this place, grass and mushrooms still grow, with an abundant amount of minerals causing them to shine.

Chamber of the Jewel

Chamber of the Jewel
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A secret chamber on Route 13, it requires HM8 Rock Climb and 4 forms of Unown to open. Mythical Pokémon Diancie is said to be attracted by the crystals and rests here to secure them.

Fluoruma City

Fluoruma City
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Home to the sixth Gym in players' journey, it is a city completely built inside a cavern. The power supply is drawn from the crystals around. Despite being built inside the cave, a hole on top allows flying. Similar to Route 13, plants grow even with a severe lack of sunlight.

Route 14

Route 14
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Another cavern route in Roria, it houses the ruins of an old city destroyed by a crystal beast, which was dormant for a long time since the destruction, but has reawakened recently and attacked some miners. A long lost old friend waits for the player here......

Titans' Throng

Main article: Titans' Throng

"The Titan" which stopped the Crystal Beast rests here. It wakes up to the presence of "The 3 Protectors", but will it fight the player right there?

Route 15

Route 15
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A snowy, rugged and rapidly ascending route on top of eastern Mt. Cragonos Range. A frozen lake is there for players to fish.

Dendrite Chamber

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One of the 3 hidden Protectors' Chambers. Camouflaged by a cave wall, it requires completing certain puzzles to unlock.

Frostveil City

Frostveil City
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The real summit of Mt. Cragonos. It is the highest point of Roria, even higher than the flying Anthian City. It houses the seventh Gym for players to fight, but surprisingly, its specialized type does not match with the snowy weather and icy theme around the area. Ironically, despite being higher than Cragonos Peak, it is always snowy and is not situated above the clouds.

Frostveil Catacombs

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Secrets and puzzles lurk under the highest city in the world. Solving all the puzzles inside will unlock the Protectors' Chambers.

Route 16

A descending route on the eastern mountainside of Mt. Cragonos, it is a place where hoverboarders enjoy sliding down the mountains.


Western Section

Moon Stone
Moon Stone Lower Mines Stone cave on the right, further inside from Collector Grey.
Revive Left side behind Rookie Evan.
Poison Barb
Poison Barb Cliffs Right corner of the cliff inside the tall grass before the bridge to the patch of flowers.
TM Rock
TM69 Rock Polish
Upper Mines Climb up to the rail tracks and head straight from the ladder. Located near the safety fence.
Big Nugget
Big Nugget Right cave at the path towards Cragonos Peak. Walk all the way to the dead end. Sell for $10000 at Poké Marts.
Shiny Stone
Shiny Stone Peak Behind the Entei Statue.
TM Ice
TM101 Aurora Veil
Sanctuary At the centre of the sanctuary.

Eastern Section

TM Poison
TM6 Toxic
Route 13 In a hidden room near Black Belt Hagar.
TM Fairy
TM99 Dazzling Gleam
In a hidden room before reaching Journalist Peter.
Stamp Case
Stamp Case Fluoruma City Talk to the guy behind the counter in Poké Ball Stamp Shop.
Harvest Badge
Harvest Badge Given by Gym Leader Fissy upon victory.
TM Grass
TM22 Solar Beam
HM Normal
HM8 Rock Climb
Obtained from Uncle Gerald upon leaving the Gym.
Lagging Tail
Lagging Tail Route 14 At the top left area of ruins, at far left of the path, in secret room with writing on the wall.
Rare Candy
Rare Candy Once across the wooden bridge, the first building on the left conceals this candy.
TM Rock
TM39 Rock Tomb
In the last building on the path on the far side of the wooden bridge.
Never-Melt Ice
Never-Melt Ice Route 15 Behind the first cabin on this route.
TM Ice
TM7 Hail
In a red tent near the frozen lake.
TM Water
TM102 Waterfall
Inside the frozen waterfall.
Rare Candy
Rare Candy Frostveil City In an alley behind the Pokémon Centre.
Contrast Badge
Contrast Badge Given by Gym Leader Zeek upon victory.
TM Dark
TM97 Dark Pulse


  • Mt. Cragonos could be originated from Crag, which in rock climbing refers to a cliff or group of cliffs, and Ōno Station, a railway station in Japan which closed down due to the infamous nuclear disaster.

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